Client Projects

Total Nuclear Annihilation

Retro Futurist Pinball

Built in 2017 by Spooky Pinball and designed by Scott Danesi, this home-brew-to-production pinball machine was a big hit with enthusiasts. The original-themed pin involves a heroine traveling into the future to destroy 9 nuclear reactors in a corrupt distopia.

 The artwork is intended to match the “synthwave” feel of the story and soundtrack. The backglass was painted entirely in Photoshop except for the vector-based logo. The playfield, on the other hand, was all done in Adobe Illustrator and is comprised of 0 pixels. This created a sharp yet visually restrained surface so you can keep an eye on the ball.


Circus-themed Cocktail Menu

The 6th year of the menu featured a whole cast of original circus characters.

Bitter & Twisted 2017-2018

Fairy-tale-themed Cocktail Menu

The 4th and 5th year of the menu featured fairy tale heroes (2017) and villains (2018) focused around adult beverages.

Bitter & Twisted 2014-2016

Brand Identity to annual menu themes

The first 3 years for Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour in Phoenix, AZ included creating the logo and retro artwork. Most of the illustrations were parodies of existing posters and covers for recognition and familiarity but with a cocktail-focused twist.

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